Spirit Hills Flower Winery Dande medium dry white

Spirit Hills Flower Winery Dande medium dry white

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On the nose: Peach, fresh cut straw, violets, and wildflowers. A summer’s field with honey.

On the palate: Truly one of a kind. Peach, apricot and honey with a woody lingering tannin behind it. The ultimate full bodied medium dry white wine that keeps asking for more.

Food Pairings: White meats, seafood (especially white fish and shrimp), anything with a tomato in (the acidity makes it a great match), curry (which other wine pairs with curry?), and earthy flavours like carrots, beets, mushrooms, olives and mustard sauce.

Served: chilled

Process: Wildflower honey, water, rosehips and herbs ferment, hand picked dandelion flower petals are added in the finishing process. Aged for 6 months in the bottle.

Cocktails: Great for unique cocktails. Simple at home cocktail: the Danderita – the Cowboys version of the Margarita. Recipy:

Dande – 2 parts

Sprite/7-Up -1 part

Teqiula – ½ part

Lime – ¼ part

Lab Results:

Residual sugars: 19g/L

Acidity: 3.9g/L

Ph: 3.6

Antioxidants: On average 120 times of red grape wine