October Beer Club

Craft Beer Club


This might be my most anticipated beer club yet.  Every year I anxiously await the release of the darker, more robust beers to enjoy from the fall until the following spring.  To me nothing says beer quite as confidently as an amber or a stout.  I’ve gathered here some of my favourite cool weather beers to enjoy for the next six months, or six days.  I’ve split this into three traditional beers first, followed by three flavoured beers, both ascending from light to dark.

The beer club releases on the third Saturday every month.  There is no sign up for our beer club, just drop by the store any time were open and pick up a pack!  The price will be between $30 and $35.

Born Brewing

Ranger Summit Rye IPA

Ranger Summit is a return to form in some ways. Of course we’re not suggesting Born  Brewing has ever been anything less than excellent, rather that it is a beer more in line with the west coast IPA’s that had their time in the spotlight 5-8 years ago.  Time has given us some perspective that perhaps bitterness shouldn’t be the only aspect of an IPA, but it still has a place, in this case alongside citrus, spice, and pine.  This beer has been brewed with restraint and balance, and it drinks accordingly.  This is a great IPA to enjoy through the cool weather where the hazy juicy beers feel a little out of place.


Sea Change

Irish Red Ale

Irish in name, Edmontonian in origin.  Think of an Irish Red as your cold weather lager.  Similarly light (ish) in body and refreshing, but where lagers pair best with mowing the lawn, an Irish Red pairs with shoveling snow.  Toffee and caramel notes linger on the tongue while drinking this beer, and it’s crisp dry finish lends well to having a second one, twice.  


The Establishment Brewing

Wandering Star

The return of an old favourite!  Wandering Star formerly went by the name Fat Sherpa.  In any case its the same award winning robust porter.  While this beer may be dark as 8pm in October, there is a hint of floral hop lightness that helps contrast that roasted malt, and both flavours are better for it.  Pairs well with stargazing and double chocolate cookies.


New Level Brewing

Heavy Metal Horchata

The brothers behind New Level have once been referred to as “the lactose kings”.  This beer is a testament to that nickname.  Horchata is the name of a Mexican drink made by soaking white rice in water or milk and then adding sugar, nuts, vanilla, and cinnamon.  New Level has kept the almond, cinnamon, and vanilla, but swapped the rice for a lactose sweetened cream ale.  Just like real Horchata, this is rich and creamy, yet surprisingly refreshing.  Enjoy one of these after an afternoon of skiing and you’ll be ready for a siesta!


Parallel 49 Brewing

Salty Scot

If there was only going to be one beer in this pack, it would have to be this one.  For the past three years this has been my de facto winter beer, bar none.  The caramel flavour and roasty malt of this brew hits your nose as soon as you crack it, and it only gets better from there.  Big bodied at 7.5%, the weight of this beer is offset by just how smooth it is.  A touch of sea salt keeps the flavours lively, making the last sip as satisfying as the first.


Fernie Brewing

Java the Hut

Java the Hut is like the first snowfall for me, once I see it on the shelves, I know that winter has come.  The consistency of release and quality from this beer has earned it a spot in this club.  Combining a stout with chocolate and coffee is hardly a new concept, and while there are plenty on the market, I believe the tried and true Java the Hut strikes the perfect balance for the flavours.  Have it as an evening treat, a mid day pick me up, or even have it for breakfast.  No, really.


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