November Wine Selection


We are back!!!! We had such a fabulous time in Europe! We are grateful Eric was there holding the rein of the store while we were gone. As he is busy getting ready for his WEST 3 Sommelier test, I thought I would give him a well deserve break and get back in touch with you all through the Wine Club Newsletter. As you may imagine, we have sampled several wonderful wines in Europe. I could not resist but featuring some of them highlighting the wonderful wine destinations we visited. I hope to take you along a little Journey to Europe with this wine Club. Bon Voyage!


Lyrarakis Vilana

Crete Greece

It was so exciting to explore Crete to prepare for our 2024 May Culinary Adventure! The food was absolutely phenomenal! As for the wines, they were interesting for the least! We noticed that traditions are very much alive in Crete. It is still common for families to have a few rows of vines to make their own wine in the backyard. (Just like most families have a parcel of olive tree to make their own year supply of olive oil!) Hence, most wines we encountered were unpretentious. Good wine to complement a nice family meals. Given the warm weather, whites and light reds were the local staples. Although the wine culture is relatively simple, we have encountered a few great wineries where quality was impeccable. Lyrarakis is one of them. It is a gorgeous property with outstanding views of the surrounding olive groves. Vilana is a is a straightforward, thirst-quenching white wine for warm summer days—soft, appealing, and easy to drink. The Lyrarakis Vilana wine has a pale straw color, a medium intensity of aromas, and flavours showing notes of lemon, orange, pear, flowers (like jasmine), and lots of herbs! On the palate it is fresh, light in body with soft acidity and medium alcohol. We loved drinking Vilana by the pool before dinner with some olives. I also very much enjoyed it with Dolomathe the famous stuffed vine leaves!


Lyrarakis Kotsifali

Crete Greece

Just like Italian wines, Greek wines have a very distinctive flavours. They would be easily recognizable on a blind tasting. You can smell and taste the terroir vividly in Greek wines. They possess flavours our palate is not accustomed to, but trust me, paired with the right food, it is absolutely delicious! When I taste Greek wines, I taste the salinity of the sea, there is subtle olive aromas, flower blossom and lots of herbs: oregano, sage, thyme… and in the white some citrus notes. Put all these element into a picture and you have a painting of Greece… Greece in a glass. More specifically, the Kotsifali has purple flowers, dried black fruit, and warm spices notes it is marvelous paired with a tomato based dish with feta and lots of herbs.


Castello di Albola

Chianti Classico

Italy was such a treat! I have a little sweet spot for Sangiovese. It so delicate yet so powerful! In Tuscany we had the opportunity sample Sangiovese on all its forms from Chianti to Montalcino. Castello di Albola was one of our first stop. It is located in the Classico regions that is known to produce the best Chianti’s. The setting is just magical, with vines climbing on the stone walls and an in yard garden. In Chianti, Sangiovese can be blended with 20% Canaiolo, Colorino and/or Merlot. The soil produce a lighter sangiovese with structured tannins and great acidity. I enjoy Chianti with a florentina steak or pasta & pizza.


La Magia

Rosso di Montalcino

Montalcino is another wine region of Tuscany about 100KM south of Chianti. It is crazy how these 100km make a difference! It is slightly warmer for a longer period of time in Montalcino. The grapes are ripe and reach a high sugar content. It produces a rounder Sangiovese with big fruit flavors! Montalcino is always 100% Sangiovese. With bold fruit flavors and softer tannins, I like Montalcino wines with a good stew. Although Brunello di Montalcino is the star of the region, the Rosso di Montalcino delivers an excellent quality and unparalleled value.


Chateau Ferrand

Entre Deux Mers

Entre-deux Mer is a wine region of Bordeaux that produces mainly white wines. Yes, Bordeaux also produces white wines! Bordeaux white wines are always made of Sauvignon Blanc with a little bit of Semillon. This is my favorite expression of Sauvignon Blanc. The little bit of Semillon soften the edge of the Sauvignon Blanc bringing weight and body and unctuosity to the wine. It is a soft and plush Sauvignon Blanc with apricot, peach and white flowers flavors and aromas. As entre-deux-mers is between two rivers and not too far from the ocean, it is a great pairing with fish.


Chateau de Pitray

Les Prairies

This month wine club summarizing our Culinary Adventures could not be complete without a wine from Chateau de Pitray! What an amazing chateau! I will restrain myself to tell you how much we love staying their and try to only focus on their wines. The Pitray has become one of our best seller at UnWined. We only carry their entry level wine but there is now more wines available in Alberta!!! Since 2020, Jean de Boigne, the owner, works in collaboration with Nina Mitjavile reknowned Bordeaux winemaker the “Prairie” is their first collaboration signature wine. An other beautiful Bordeaux blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec.
Medium ruby in appearance, it presents aromas of blueberries, thyme, sage, baking spices, roses, ripe strawberries, and black tea and dark chocolate. We are delighted to have an other Chateau de Pitray wine on our Shelves! Sante!


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