May Wine Selection


We are touring Europe this month with wines from Spain, Italy Corsica (it is my first time sampling a wine from there!!!) My little treat this month is absolutely fantastic. It has little taste of our September Bordeaux culinary adventure with a 2012 wine from Haut-Medoc. Enjoy!


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Gallina de Piel

Mimetic 2020

A wine made by a famous sommelier from Spain. David Sejas was the Sommelier of El Builli in Spain which was classified as the #1 Top restaurant in the world several years. He is a wine writer and now a wine maker! The Mimetic has been made with 30 to 80 years old Garnacha vines. It is a medium body wine that showcase ripe fruit. It has plum, blackberry and herbaceous notes of thym and even menthol. It is an easy drinking wine that will pair with your favorite grilled meat.



Clos Culombu

Corse Calvi 2020

A wine from Corsica! This alone sold me, I heard Corsica wines are fantastic! Sadly they seem to drink it all; very limited quantities are exported. I was really excited to get my hands on a few bottles. The Clos Culombu White is 100% Vermentinu (most likely vermentino often grown in Italy). It has aromas of grapefruits and white peach with a great minerality. It is refreshing and will pair marvelously with spring when it finally shows up!



Quinta da Lixa

Vinho Verde Vihao 2019

I had the opportunity to sample this wine recently and it just spiked my curiosity! I know Vinho Verde from Portugal but just never had a red one! I was wrong to think that Vinho Verde was a grape varietal; it is a wine region northern Portugal. It mainly makes white wine known for its slight effervescence. Just slightly fizzy not bubbly like Prosecco or Champagne. To my surprise, the red wine too is slightly fizzy, similar to an Italian Lambrusco. It is a light bodied and fruit forward wine with raspberry, cherry and balsamic notes. I would drink it slightly chilled on the patio with an apero platter of cheese & charcuterie.




Custoza 2021

We carry several product from Gorgo winery. We sampled the Bardolino and the San Michelin from them a few months ago. I am just so impressed with this winery, they are beautiful wines, organic, really well made & they are affordable! Custoza is a small wine appellation in Verona it produces wine with Garganega grapes. It has a medium body with white peach & white flower notes with an almond finish. Great summer wine.



Cantina Lavorata

Anfisya Rosso 2019

This little wine is from Calabria Southern Italy. It is made of Calabrese, Sangiovese and Malvasia. It is an other great value at $21! It has an complex and fine nose with plum, black current and peppery notes. On the mouth it is full body with moderate tannins and great freshness. It is a well rounded wine that will easily pair with a variety of meals: anything in a tomato sauce, grilled meat, cheeses or just a patio sipper.



Chateau du Haut Moulin

Cru Bourgeois Haut Medoc 2012

This is more then a treat this month; it is a gem. Something I don’t come across often. Haut Medoc is a Bordeaux wine appellation. This vineyard is located right between Margaux and St-Julien to famous wine area that produce some world renown wines. In Bordeaux, they normally buy their good wines by the case and forget them for a few years (that is what Anthony’s parents do). Not as common here in Canada… which is why I am so excited the winery made the aging for us! A beautiful 2012 already 9 years old and drinks fantastically right now. It is a blend of 50% Cabernet, 45% Merlot and 5% Petit Verdot. It is bold wine with velvety tannins. It has blackcurrant, plum and cedar flavors and aromas. Pair it with good company and a great meal (I would drink it with a steak with blue cheese sauce, mushroom sauce or pepper sauce mmm….)



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