May Beer Selection

Situation Brewing, Edmonton, AB

Situation Brewery is a well establish Brew pub just off Whyte avenue. They have been brewing some fine brew since 2016. But their beers just became available to buy outside of the city recently.

I Citra Not You Pilsner - Clean palate, crisp and refreshing with an hint of citrus. That beer is crushable and thirst quenching. ABV 4.8% No IBU

Afternooner Blackberry Pekoe Tea Saison - One of their signature beers truly setting them apart from other craft breweries. The base begins with a classic French Saison recipe, bone dry and full of fruity yeast esters. They then turn it on its head by steeping tea post fermentation and infusing with their choice of fruit. The tea/fruit combinations change seasonally. Current flavour is Blackberry Pekoe. ABV 6% No IBU

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Buy Afternooner Blackberry Pekoe

Big Rock Brewing Co, AB

In the middle of the vast Canadian Prairies rests a 16,000-ton boulder. It's the kind of thing that stands out, inspiring in its seeming impossibility. Taking their name from this longstanding curiosity, Big Rock Brewery was born. Established in 1985, by a lawyer and a farmer, Big Rock Brewery is now the biggest Micro Brewery in Alberta with Branches in Vancouver and Toronto.

Hopopotamus Pale Ale - A brand new flavor to Big Rock core line up, the hopopotamus is a Norwegian Pale Ale. It uses Kiek a new (to beer making in North America) strain of yeast that was commonly used in Norwegian farmhouse ales. It is hazy, full body with notes of mango, pineapple and tropical fruits. ABV 6.5%

Hophead Tumbleweed Juicy IPA- Big Rock Brewery just launch a the Hop Head series of beers. A selection dedicated to experimenting with hops. The Tropical HAze is a micro IPA with an ABV of 3.5%. I love the low alcohol content on this true IPA with refreshing orange, vanilla and pineapple flavors.

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Apex Brewing, Yellowhead County AB

Born in the headwaters of Bench Creek in Yellowhead County, Alberta, this brewery was built by family and friends smack dab in the middle of Alberta’s backyard. They are immersed in the untamed majesty and the harsh realities of the wild that make this province special.

Wild Mind Ales, Apex of the Vortex Well, this one is actually made by Wild Mind Ales Brewing, the “Apex” in the name got us confused… Anyhow, it is a delicious Smootie Sour Ale. I can hear you think: what the hell is a smoothie sour ale! Well after the Hazy IPA, here is an other unfiltered beer fermented with fruits and lactose. It is a thick beer with bright opaque color mango and passion fruit flavors. ABV 5%

Carlstadt Rauchbier- A Rauchbier (German for “smoke beer”) is a beer brewed with smoked malt! It can be any style, but most commonly it is a medium-strength lager. The Carlstadt is a creation to celebrate Apex 6th Anniversary! ABV 8%

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Bomber Brewing, Vancouver, BC

They could make a movie about Bomber Brewing: three long-time friends and hockey team-mates who realize the dream of opening their own brewery so they can deliver more flavour to post-game locker-room six-packs across Canada. Together they’ve forged a formidable forward line in their bid to score better beer for Vancouver and beyond.

Park Life Passion Fruit Ale - Fresh and subtlety tart, an American blonde using passion fruit to ease sweetness is a perfect summer sipper. 4.5% ABV 15 IBU

Outspoken IPA - Hop-forward and balanced, a Pacific Northwest India Pale Ale with light body and dry finish that's unitimidating but confident. ABV 6.3% IBU 65


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Troubled Monk Brewing, Red Deer, AB

The Troubled Monk is a whimsical reference to the long forgotten passion of a young brewer who joyfully crafted excellent beers through the alchemy of fermentation.

Buck Tooth Belgian White- The most refreshing thing you’ve had all day! Light and citrusy, this is a crushable beer – perfect for the patio. ABV 4.6%

Open Road Brown Ale - Don’t like dark beer? Close your eyes! This world class Brown Ale has wonderful roasty flavors that are sure to surprise. ABV 5.5%

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Travois, Medicine Hat, AB

Craft Brewery in the downtown core of Medicine Hat. Nestled in a restored, circa 1939, brick building. Brewing classic European beers and revolutionary American styles.

NEIPA - Juicy, hazy and crushable is the goal for this New England style IPA. Notes of tangerine, peaches and tropical fruits are, thanks to a copious amount of dry hoping with Citra, Amarillo and Cashemere; this NEIPA is bursting with flavor that will have your taste buds craving more. ABV 5.8 IBU 50

French Pale Lager - A tribute to the French-Canadian fur traders who first settled in Alberta. This Lager was dry-hopped with choice French 2 Row barley as well as Mistral hops from the Alsace region of France. Pairs nicely with a slice of blue cheese ABV 4.5 %

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