March Wine Selection


I don’t know if it is spring or the hope we might slowly be going towards a “pre-covid” way of life, but I have itchy feet… I am sitting at the liquor store, but my head is traveling in French wine country!

I got a little carried away in my daydreaming and planned an entire trip… without telling Anthony! I found a Chateau in St-Emilion (Bordeaux) where we could bring some friends and clients to share European lifestyle and French delicacies. Just imagine: living in a castle for a week, discovering vineyards of St-Emilion, Margaux and Sauternes (some the best wine regions of Bordeaux), harvesting truffles with a local specialist, visiting an oyster hatchery, sampling caviar and foie gras with producers on their farms, learning how to make bread in an ancestral mill… and coming back to the Chateau for an apero and dinner cooked by your very own French Chef Anthony!!!!

Well… Anthony was back from his heli-ski job for a few days and I got to share my project with him. He is excited too and said let’s do it!!! I am ecstatic. Putting the final touch to our very first French Gourmet Guided Trip. Stay tuned for more details! (or send me a quick e-mail if you want to be amongst the first ones to know about the details of our gourmet expedition!) Here is a picture of the chateau I am looking into renting just to put you in appetite (and yes, it is also a vineyard property!)

Meanwhile, here are some fine wines to enjoy;)

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Lulu Bagatelle

St- Chinian 2019

St-Chinian is a small wine region in Languedoc Roussillon South of France. It makes wines with a variety of grapes. The Lulu Baguatelle is 90% Carignan 10% Cinsault. It is a lively wine with structured tannins, good acidity and peppery notes. It is a young wine to be drank young. Perfect pairing with a nice charcuterie platter. Clos bagatelle has been past from mother to daughter for over a century. Lulu is the winemaker’s brother and this wine was made in his honor. Lulu the wine and lulu the men share some characteristics: sharp and pleasant.



Cantina Lavis

Pinot Grigio Rose

Lavis winery is located in Trentino Italy. This Rose is made of 100% Pinot Grigio. The grapes have macerated a few hours with the skins, giving a nice salmon color to the wine. It is spring in a bottles: bright, refreshing with floral aromas and peachy flavors. Fantastic value at $16!




Monemvasia 2020

A sip to make you travel to Greece! In Greek, Voltes could be translated as “Hanging out”. Greek houses being small and weather being clement, people tend to “catch up/ hang out” with friends while taking a stroll around town: Voltes. When you understand the name; you understand the wine. Uncomplicated easy drinking wine to be enjoyed in great company. It is a blend of Roditis and Moshofilero two indigenous varietal from Greece. Do not be scared by it’s origins (it is far from Retsina!) It is a lively wine, with apple, pears, and floral notes. If you like Sauvignon Blanc you will easily be pleased by this interesting wine;)



Casa Ermelinda

Rosario 2019

An other fantastic value. Rosario is a Portuguese wine. A blend of 2 indigenous varietals Castelao and Touriga National and 2 French varietals Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. It is a perfect blend, the Touriga National and Cabernet Sauvignon bring body, structure and tannins, the Castelao a bit of spices and the Syrah some elegance and floral notes.



Naturaleza Salvaje

Azul y Garanza Garnacha 2020

I fell in love with this wine a few years ago! It was love at first sip. I was not the only one to love it as it sold out before I even got my hands on a case for the store… and then Covid shipping challenges occurred… Finally, years on waiting, I get to present you this little gem. 100% old vine Garnacha organic, unfiltered and low intervention. I am not going to lie, this one is a little geeky. It is a fresh and lively Garnacha fruit forward with strawberries and raspberries aromas a little funky finish (peppery, earthy and leafy aromas).



Obsidian Ridge

Cabernet Sauvignon Lake Country California

Our treat this month. I am going to please the traditional Californian wine drinkers! Lake Country is located on North Coast California, just above Napa Valley. It is an up and coming area in California producing high quality wines. I am rarely drawn to Californian wines but this one got me a ahha moment. Am I the only one to have these? You know when you are in the middle of a conversation and you take a sip and all of the sudden everything around just becomes white noise and despite trying to focus on the conversation all you can focus on is how delicious the wine is… well it might be due to my profession, but it happens to me, on rare occasions with really good wines;) Obsidian is true to quality Califonia Cabernet Sauvignon: dark purple robe, full body, velvety tannins, complex.




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