June Wine Selection


Yeah! It is June and we can say summer has begun (right?) I feel this one is going to be a whirlwind! It is weird being busy and trying to catch up on everything we missed after the slow paste we lived during Covid…

Our trip to Bordeaux is taking shape! I am excited! I just received confirmation from Chateau Monconseil Gazin, they will host us for the vendanges!!! We will learn to harvest grapes, have lunch with the winemaker his family and team and spend the afternoon sorting the grapes and visiting the cellar and winemaking facility! Moreover, Cormeil Figeac Winery will teach us how to make our own Bordeaux Blend and we will leave with a bottle of wine we have blended ourselves! An immersion into winemaker’s life! Contact us to join one of a kind experience! Only 2 rooms left!


Learn more about Val & Anthony Culinary Guided Trip to Bordeaux

Jasci Marchesani

Trebbiano d’Abbruzzo 2020

Jasci Marchesani is a family winery I have featured previously with the Montepulciano. Some wineries are easy to fall in love with;) The story, the people, the wines. Jasci Marchesani is family enterprise. The two brothers are farmers first and foremost. A milk farmer and a farmer’s market vegetable gardener respectively. As a lot of farms in Italy, they also had a few acres of vines on the property that they exploited for the family only. They tough their dad s wine was so good they decided to re-focus the family business into winemaking. They were making organic wines as early as the 1960 and were amongst the first Italian wineries to receive their Organic Certification. 100 % Trebbiano grape, it is fresh with a bouquet of white flowers, peaches and green apple. Enjoy with fish, pasta, and/or grilled chicken.



Casabella Castell’arquato

Gutturnio Superiore 2018

Le Cantine Casabella is located near Milan. It spreads its 50 acres over 2 valleys: in Vale D’Arta and Vale Tidone. They have a variety of terroir and grow mainly autochthone varietals. They also buy and process grapes from over 50 other wineries around their property. The Gutturino is a blend of 60% Barbera and 40% Bonarda. It is a full body wine with rounded tannins; fresh and intense dark fruit aromas and a hint of roses. Great summer wine to pair with burger night




Cote du Roussillon 2019

Cote de Roussillon is located south of France it is an up and coming region featuring affordable wines with flourishing quality. 75% of the wines produced are red wines. They are blends of Grenache-Syrah-Mourvedre and a bit of Cinsault (similar to Cote du Rhone) The Toremilla is considered one of the best winery in Cote du Rousillon. This wine has a full body, structured tannins, dark fruits, prunes, and leather notes. Great value at $18



Aia Vecchia

Vermentino 2020

With the warm weather coming along, I am craving white wines, and I am not alone, white wines are flying off the shelves! To me there is noting more refreshing then an Italian wines. They all have a thirst quenching bright acidity. Vermentino is a varietal with similar flavor profile then Sauvignon Blanc. Altought the Aia Vecchia has a creamy and round mouthfeel with aromas of lime, grapefruits and green apple. Great pairing with seafood and salads.



Tenuta Pandolfa

Frederico Sangiovese Superiore 2019

I love absolutely everything about this wine. I devoured their website; it is fun, colorful and put centuries of history into easily understandable fun facts. The name Pandolfa derives from Pandolfo Malatesta a Lord who headquartered his troop at the estate in the 14th century. He was an avid art lover and his portrait painted by Piero Francesca is now exposed at the Louvre! The Label of the Frederico is inspired by one of his bitter enemy Frederico da Montefrelto. Tenuta Pandolfa is located in Emilia Romagna North of Tuscany. It is a farm with olive trees, fruit trees, hens and of course vines. The Frederico is a young and unpretentious Sangiovese. It showcase the fruit with cherry and raspberry a bit of licorice and subtle spice.



Louis Cheze

Caroline St-Joseph 2019

St-Joseph is a small appellation within the nothern part of Cote-du-Rhone. Cote-du-Rhone produce wines with Grenache, Syrah and Mourdevre. The northern part (including St-Joseph) focuses on growing Syrah. Some of the best Syrah in France (may be in the world) should I say. We have sampled his baby brother last month with the Syravissante. If you still have this bottle, it could be interesting to sample both bottle side by side and notice the difference terroir (even a few km away) can make into wine. The Caroline is made of 100% Syrah 40 years old vines with low yield production aged in French oak barrels for 14 months. It is an elegant full body wine with smooth tannins and Violette & black pepper notes. Excellent with your favorite cut of grilled beef



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