January Wine Selection


For most hospitality businesses, the rolling over into a new year presents an opportunity to catch ones breath.  The holiday rush comes to a close, belts get tightened, and resolutions get made (to eventually be broken).  We are no different, and this catching of breath will be especially important to us as we head into a year that will doubly exceed the excitement, and challenge of last year.  Val & Anthony are leading an incredible four wine trips in four locations this year, up from three by two locations last year.  Eric will be set to lead the store's inventory and wine club more and more, and our cashiers Erin, Deb, and Gary will be ready to apply their own knowledge after having received WSET level 1 training.  No doubt we are excited to share everything we experience with you through our newsletters and social media, and we hope to pull a few surprises in the year ahead to best continue serving Three Sisters, Stewart Creek, Canmore, and anyone else who may find themselves opening our doors.  

We would like to thank everyone who has continued to support us on our journey and wish you all the very best for the year ahead!


-The UnWined Team



Italian white wines fascinate me. We hear little about them but there is sooo much to discover! Bisci is a winery just South West of Tuscany and it specializes in white wines! They have 25 hectares and 18 of them are Verdicchio! They have been specializing in Verdicchio for over 50 years! Verdicchio derives form “verde” it means  the little green one referring to its green hues. Naturally, it has a high acidity which makes it a versatile wine. It has green apple, lemon and a faint salinity finish. Its name may be intimidating but it sure to be a crowd pleaser. If you are inclined to Sauvignon Blanc, I am sure you will appreciate this fun varietal.

- Val



Jasci & Marchesani


Another fun white Italian varietal!  Not to be confused with Pecorino cheese, Pecorino is also a white Italian varietal. It’s name derives from Pecora (sheep) which were known to be grazing on this particular grape varietal in the fields. To me Pecorino has similarity with Pinot Grigio with its peachy and floral notes and unctuous body. We loves Jasci & Marchesani Winery, we have offered a variety of their wines over the years and they remain some of our best sellers with an approachable price point and fantastic quality. The family background is farming as opposed to “winemaking”. they take pride in producing the highest quality grape and always on a sustainable organic way. Although Pecorino is not related to the pecorino cheese, interestingly, they are a fantastic pairing;)




Mouchao Dom Rafael

Red Blend

When Eric and I sampled this wine, it was an immediate: yes we have to bring it to the store! This is the kind of wines we are always on the hunt for. Something a bit different, fantastic quality at an unbeatable price point. This Portuguese blend of indigenous varietal is composed of Aragonez, Trincadeira, Alicante Bouchet and Touriga National has a big plush body with aromas of black plum, blackberries, cloves, and vanilla. It has structured tannins and a smooth finish. The wine is aged in chestnut wood! It will pair well with a wintery meat strew or on its own watching the fire.





Les Coteaux

While we primarily utilize the wine club to feature new products and share knowledge on the endless styles of wine on the market, it is also a place where we can celebrate our favorites from time to time.  Boutinot’s Les Coteaux Cotes du Rhone Villages is one of those.  Having come in to our shop in August, Les Coteaux immediately proved itself when in a head to head tasting against our existing Cote du Rhone Village wine (a single village wine no less!) it showed more complexity, more depth of flavour, and greater balance, all while at a lower price point.  Since then I've been recommending it to anyone and everyone for its extraordinary value.  As for it’s character, it is medium bodied and moderately tannic, with brambly fruit flavours, baking spices, and a leathery hint on the finish.  This is a great wine to pair with your favourite hearty winter meal.







Speaking of endless styles on the market, here’s a grape we’ve never had on our shelves before, Foch!  Marechal Foch was developed in the early 1900s in France when the experimentation of crossing American and European vines was popular.  After a brief moment in France’s Loire Valley, Foch was more or less packed up and sent off to America.  We now find it grown in New York, Ontario, and of course, the Okanagan.  Thanks to it’s American vine parentage, Foch has great cold weather resistance.  The name Midnight is a hint to the style of this wine.  Big on extraction and very dark.  Peppery, plum, olive-like, and tannic, this is a food wine.  I would love to drink this with a pizza covered in black olives and sweet peppers.




Voyager Estate

Girt By Sea

Cabernet Merlot

Margaret River is Australia’s Bordeaux.  The similar growing climate has inspired winemakers there to plant Bordeaux grapes and blend them as they do in Bordeaux.  This wine then is a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot.  During a tasting Val and I both remarked on its structure, this is a wine that leans more to old world style.  With acids and tannins in tight balance it allows the fruit flavours plenty of time to develop on the palate, revealing blackberry, blueberry, green bell pepper, and plenty of toasty wood.




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