February Wine Selection!



First off we have some exciting announcements!


Introducing: Blind tasting nights at UnWined

On the last Friday of each month we will be hosting a private tasting in store starting at 8:15pm, and going until 8:45-9:00pm.  This will be a ticketed event limited to just 10 seats.  We will taste two wines blind, and discuss different aspects of wine, from tannic structure to tropical fruit flavours.  The reason for blind tasting is not to attempt to guess what the wine is, but rather to taste free of any preconceptions, this will be a judgement free zone for both the wine, and each other!  At the end of the night, everyone will go home with an exclusive bottle of one of the wines tasted to enjoy again at a later time.  Tickets will be $40 and purchase will be required prior to attendance, refunds will be available until one week prior to the event.  The first event will be Friday February 23rd and the theme will simply be an introduction to tasting wine.  Sound like fun to you?  Send an email to 3sistersunwinedmanager@gmail.com to get your ticket!  Act fast as we have very few spots available!


The Wine Club Takeover

With Val & Anthony poised to be away with the Epicureans for over a third of the year, they are busier than ever.  As such I, Eric, will be entirely running the wine club picks and descriptions from here on!  I am excited to have the opportunity to continue exploring the endless world of wine, and introducing you all to the gems that I find.  That being said I’m sure from time to time Val or Anthony will make a guest appearance, considering they will be on the front lines of wine tasting!  If you would like to join our wine club simply come by the store in person for us to gather your info, or send an email to the same as above, 3sistersunwinedmanager@gmail.com.  As always the wine club will release on the first Saturday of the month, featuring 2-3 whites or roses, and 3-4 reds, the price will be around $150, with a 10% discount included.  Our goal is finding high value wines that range from classical expressions from recognized regions, to unique twists on those classics, or simply little known wines out there.  Whether you want to build your cellar, expand your wine knowledge, or just never want to run out of wine again, you can count on us!


Now, lets get into this months selection.

This month we’re unapologetically leaning into the theme of Valentine’s Day.  Now I know its a filthy, commercialized, hallmark holiday, but my love (blech) of it is deeper than a heart-shaped box of chocolates.  As someone who has always worked in some sector or another of the food and beverage industry, Valentine’s Day has become a clear mark of the new year down period coming to an end, and the promise of spring and summer business to come.  So shake off those resolutions, loosen your belt, and grab some bread, because things are about to get cheesy.

Beauty in Chaos


Beauty in Chaos, I’m sure we can all relate, its been a chaotic few years.  It sometimes feels like finding beauty in the world is something that takes a little more effort than it used to, but it is a virtue worth pursuing!  Let me get you set up on the right track to do so by pouring yourself a glass of this lovely Washington Chardonnay.  Experience a range of fruity flavours from tart green apple, to soft melon, to a puckering lemon acidity.  Now let all those fade as a rich creaminess cleanses the palate on the finish.  There it is, the Beauty in Chaos.


Cote des Roses

Grenache Syrah Cinsault

It’s a classic okay!  While I admit I instinctively roll my eyes at something with this elaborate of a bottle and cheesy of a name, I do have to say that this is a quality wine.  The distinct rose shaped bottle was designed as to be “given in the same way you would offer a bunch of roses”.  I would say they succeeded, Cote des Roses has become as familiar a sight to Valentine’s Day as cupid and chocolates.  Of course it also helps that the wine by nature, is pink.  The Grenache Syrah Cinsault blend offers up a bouquet of strawberry and rose petal.  The palate is firmly dry, and a grapefruit notes grips the tongue and makes one salivate for other sip, but just wait a little longer and a lovely candy note rounds out the finish.  Highly drinkable and entirely satisfying.


La Vieux Bourg

Chateau du Bois de la Salle, Moulin a Vent

And now, a Beaujolais for your Beau.  This Moulin-a-Vent is classic Beaujolais, made with a ten day carbonic maceration.  What that means is the grapes started their fermentation in an oxygen void environment, which allows for the development of unique, fruity aromas.  Kirsch, banana, and bubblegum are some of the descriptors for this aroma, and they are clearly present in this wine.  While this wine opens with that fun fruitiness, it does display a high degree of acidity and fine tannins that would happily support a meal.  Fatty charcuterie such as rillette, pate, or terrine, along with a creamy brie, fresh berries, and crackers would be brilliant, or if you watched The Last of Us, you may recall that Beaujolais is a wonderful pairing with rabbit.  If anyone reading this actually knows where I could get rabbit, let me know ;)


Domaine Langlois Chateau


If you follow us on social media, you probably know I’ve been on a bit of a Loire Valley binge lately.  With Bordeaux and Bourgogne wines skyrocketing in price I’ve been falling more and more in love with Loire and the Rhone for the value they offer, while still being high quality, complex wines.  Chenin Blanc is a very versatile grape with a variety of styles available, making these great for wine geeks (like me) to explore.  Like Zinfandel, Chenin is notorious for grapes ripening unevenly, leading to a range of fruit-ripeness at harvest, and with that, a range of flavours in the finished wine.  So how does this one stack up?  It begins with an aroma white flowers and a range of fruit ripeness from pear all the way to melon, there’s that uneven ripening on display.  There is just a little hint of residual sugar that is balanced with very high acidity, still leaving this wine decidedly dry.  Lees aging has provided a round body to contrast that acidity, overall the structure of this wine is quite complex.  On the palate those lees give a toasty honey note which mingles with stone fruit flavours, then finishes with a crisp clean citrus note.  Drink up, geeks.


Le Temps des Cerises

Domaine de la Noblaie, Chinon

Cherry Time!  With a name like that there is no surprise that this is a fruit forward wine, with a big cherry profile.  Domaine de la Noblaie has crafted this wine with minimal handling and only six months of aging in stainless steel to preserve a youthful character to it.  The reason for this is they believe their vines are not of age yet to produce more weighty wines.  They then state that the vines are approximately 30 years old - hardly young if you ask me!  But I suppose the centuries long history of winemaking in France has shifted the perspective of time there.  No complaints from me though, this wine is a lovely fresh, medium weight red to accompany the coming of spring, and it’s really neat to see old world producers releasing wines in a more new-world style.  Without the influence of oak this wine is able to reveal more of the growing environment, where the limestone soils can lend a note of wet stone, a very cool wine that I think is actually best appreciated on its own!


Pajaru Paritaru


Negroamaro, along with Primitivo are the star grapes of the heel of Italy, and despite it not having any apparent relation to Primitivo, I often think of it as a darker, richer alternative.  There is a similar fruit forward start, but both darker and more cooked in  character.  Think dried plums or blackberry compote.  Instead of a baking spice note  you can expect dark chocolate, earth, and tobacco.  Acidity and tannins are similarly low to moderate, leaving these wines plush and comforting - especially on a cold day (although those seem in short supply lately…).   The name ‘Paritaru’ is actually a profession for someone who builds dry stone walls.  This bottle has cleverly worked the design of one of these stone walls into the label, and I like to think of it as inviting you into this luxurious, rich bottle.  


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