Craft Beer Club March Selection

Craft Beer Club March Selection

I don’t know if it is because I have my head wrapped into planning an amazing trip but most beers this month brought me on a little escape somewhere else… A few brought me on a road trip in Alberta, some others across Canada and a lot of them on had a breeze from the ocean and/or a beach vibe… It must be spring inspirations! I hope you can feel the ocean breeze and the sun warmth for the moment of a sip. Cheers!

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Dieu du Ciel, Montreal, Qc

This brewery has a special place in my heart. It was located between my apartment and University when I was a student. I spent several evening “studying” with friends at the brewery.

Rose d’Hibiscus - Yes, it is the one I was drinking back then;) They have been brewing it since 2006! It is a wheat ale brewed with hibiscus flowers. It gives the beer a nice pink color, floral and grapefruit notes. It is quenchable and pairs well with spring or a summer patio day. ABV 5.9%

Immortalite American IPA - Double dry hopped IPA . What is double dry hopped IPA? It means they added hops post fermentation on 2 different occasions. This process adds depth and complexity to the beer. The Immortality was also brewed with Lulupin powder. Lulupin powder is a fine yellow powder that can be separated out from the green leaves of the hop itself, sort of like pollen from a flower. It countains hight amount of hop acid and essencial oils. It is a beer for the hop fanatics big and bold! ABV 9.2%

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Immortalite IPA

Tofino Brewing Co, Tofino, BC

On the other side of the country, Tofino Brewery brings a breeze from the ocean. Their brews are refreshing and connected to their environment.

Tuff Session Ale - Bright copper pale ale with a light to medium body. Brewed with pacific north west hops it has a dry and mild hoppiness. True to it’s origins, it is the beer you are craving for after a surfing session ABV 5%

Etheral IPA - Hazy IPA with light to medium body. Brewed with Cashmere and Eureka hops, It has melon and tropical fruit notes. ABV 6%

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Rural Routes Brewing, Leduc, AB

Rural Routes is located in Leduc Alberta. I have never ventured this way but I am tempted to go on a road trip just to visit them and their restaurant! Pub fare featuring local ingredients. Flavors sound spotless food and brews alike.

Amaretto No Regrets Tart Ale - An ode to the famous cocktail. It pours a slightly hazy light straw similar to the drink. Amaretto, lemon and a hint of creaminess from lactose meant to mimic the egg white of the cocktail. It has depth to balance the tartness. For those nights you can’t decide between a cocktail or a beer. ABV 4.6%

Yo Soy Mexican Fiesta - An ultra light lager brewed with a touch of flaked maize for authenticity flavors. Drink it cold, with a slice of lime, it is sure to bring you on a Mexican beach vibe. ABV 4.8%

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Yo Soy Mexican Fiesta


33 Acres, Vancouver, BC

Browsing trough 33 acres Brewery website I felt Vancouver’s vibe: Urban, cool, inclusive, creative, close to nature with a strong community feel…

33 Acres of Sunshine - A Hazy Blonde, this unfiltered wheat ale or dreamy Blanchè beer is silky smooth and subspiced with orange peel, coriander and anise seed to pair perfectly with the golden days of summer. 5% ABV

33 Acres of Ocean - West Coast IPA, this style is evolutionary from a typical IPA with an assertive floral hop, lower alcohol content, and slight pine aroma . Low in malt character with, this beer has a refined quality and a refreshing temperament. 5.3% ABV

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Maui Brewing Co, Hawai, USA

More beaches & ocean from Maui, Hawaii this time! Where there is great surf; there is great beers!

Maui Pau Hana Pilsner - A european pilsner malt offering sweetness balanced by a spicy hop. Clean & crisp. ABV 4.2% IBU 28

Big Swell IPA - Smooth with a big burst of tropical fruit and piney notes. Cascade, Simcoe, Chinnok, Mosaic and Citra hops blend! ABV 6.8%, IBU 70

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Broken Piston Brewing Co. Brooks, AB

Broken Piston Brewing claim to be Alberta first craft brewery. You guessed it, the name comes from road trip memory where: the Piston Broke!

Parts Alberta Pale Ale - With citrus and fruity hops aromas and flavors this this light in color beer moderate carbonation lifts the bitterness of your palate 5.5% ABV 40IBU

X-Tread Red Ale - Roasty and toasty with hints of caramel sweetness, this malty beer present light hop flavors and a slightly drying finish . ABV 5% IBU 17

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