Craft Beer Club April Selection

SYC, Edmonton, AB

An other proud Alberta Brewery using exclusively local ingredients. They have a wide variety of beers and offer clients to customize their own flats. Your own 24 pack mixer! How fun is that!

Mana Ohana Hazy Pale Haze - This beer comes with an amazing story. Mana Ohana means strength and family. The 5 years old child of a staff member recently had to go through cancer cancer treatments. She stayed strong, brave and the family held onto the community that rallied behind them. They pushed trough the Mana Ohana way. Sammy is on her way to recovery. A portion of the sales of this beer is being donated to Stolley Children’s Hospital in Edmonton. For this beer you can expect it to be bright orange in colour, and hazy with notes of stone fruit and citrus. ABV 6%

Afternoon Hoot Session Ale - Double dry hopped IPA . What is double dry hopped IPA? It means they added hops post fermentation on 2 different occasions. This process adds depth and complexity to the beer. The Immortality was also brewed with Lulupin powder. Lulupin powder is a fine yellow powder that can be separated out from the green leaves of the hop itself, sort of like pollen from a flower. It countains hight amount of hop acid and essencial oils. It is a beer for the hop fanatics big and bold! ABV 4.5%

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Medicine Hat Brewing Co, AB

A long standing Alberta Brewery. They have an extended offering. We have always had several of their brews on the shelves. Here are a few new and seasonal ones:

Prickly Pear Sour - This beer arrives just in time for spring, (even though it doesn’t feel like it yet…), This kettle sour is made with fresh prickly pear puree from Oregon. It has a raspberry color is refreshing and juicy! ABV 4.8% IBU 13

Light and Bright Munich Helles Lager - An other summery brew light crisp and refreshing! A malt forward pilsner with hops playing a supporting role ABV 6% 18 IBU

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Strathcona Beer Co, Vancouver BC

Strathcona Beer Co. Is located in Strathcona vibrant and youthful neighborhood in Vancouver. Its a friends venture and is inspired by art, music, design and skateboard!

Beautiful Mosaic Pale Ale - This light, refreshing Pale Ale has a base of pilsner and caramel malts, hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe and Amarillo hops. Beautiful. ABV 5% ABU 30

Yo Soy Mexican Fiesta - A base of Pilsner malt is accented with Naked Golden oat as well as flaked oats. Hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy & Citra hops. Flavors of big tropical fruit with undertones of Sauvignon Blanc grapes. ABV 7.2% ABU 30

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Old Man River Brewing, Lundbreck, AB

This one brings me back to summer memories;) Anthony and I do a multi-day canoe/kayak trip every year before the rush of summer hits. We have done different sections of the Oldman River. A sip of their brew definitely brings me back traveling slowly, taking the landscape in, on the Oldman River.

Blind Canyon Blonde - Grapefruit, citrus hop, biscuit Malt. A crisp and refreshing blonde for a day on the river. 4.5% ABV 25 IBU

Old River Pale Ale - Stone fruit, hop forward, Caramel Malt. A bit more complexity but an other easy drinking summer beer 5.3% ABV

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Field House Brewing, Abbotsford, BC

I am dying to have more Field House beer available in Alberta! It is newly available on our territory and, for the momen,t we only have their core line available… I am extremely curious about their seasonal! It seems very forward thinking, experimenting with new ingredients combinations and techniques. Keep drinking them so they send us more!

Field House IPA - Intentionally unbalanced, this modern IPA is Double Dry-Hopped with the perfect combination of hops: Citra, Mosaic & Simcoe, each adding their own layer of complexity and fruitiness. Juicy, Fresh and finishing slightly bitter. ABV 6.7% IBU 30

Field House Hazy - Brewed with lots of oats, fermented with IPA yeast and loaded with Talus and Sabro hops known for their tropical fruit, coconut and citrus notes. It is hazy, juicy, a little weird and a lot of fun! ABV 6%, IBU 0

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2 Crows Brewing, Halifax, NS

Last but not least! This one, from the other side of the country in Halifax, dared to use a new ingredient that caught my attention!

Acadie Draw - This beer is so nerdy that I will let the brewery explain: “This beer gets a little nerdy when we dig into the details, but to put it simply: it’s a super juicy ipa with some killer white wine aromatics. It’s got grape juice, powdered grape skin (phantasm), piquette, a crazy amount of hops, and was brewed with some real great pals from Willibald outside Ottawa, Ontario.

Skip ahead if nerdy stuff bores you, because this is a bit of a long-winded ride. We recently got access to a brand new & exciting product called Phantasm. Produced out of New Zealand in fairly limited quantities, it’s a powdered Sauvignon Blanc-derivative that can be used both in hot side and dry hopping, and is very rich in thiols. Thiols, along with terpenes and esters, are responsible for some of the lovely fruity-aromatics you get in hop forward beers. You know what is also rich in thiols? Wine grapes! We were also fortunate enough to link up with the fine folks at PEI’s Carmody Cove Vineyard, and went and hand picked about 500lbs of L’Acadie grapes (plus some others that will be appearing in due time). We let these grapes undergo carbonic maceration before pressing (thanks to Sourwood Cider for their press!) and fermenting the must with wine yeast. We also produced a piquette from the remaining pomace. All of that good grapey stuff got blended in with a super pillowy ipa we made with Willibald. Lots of mash hops, a bit of late hopping with Bru-1 and H Blanc, and intensely dry hopped with Nelson, Citra, and H Blanc + phantasm.

This beer absolutely sings. Such a cool depth of grapey aroma, think big gooseberry, citrus, and tropical punch vibes.” 6.3% ABV 45 IBU

Birds and the Bells New Zealand Pilsner - An other collaboration with Bellwood Brewery in Toronto this time, It is a bit more classical. Bright and crisp pilsner with tropical notes . ABV 4.4% IBU 35

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