August Wine Selection


Wow already August! Anthony and I are headlong into our Culinary Trip planning! We are leaving on August 21st, a few days early, to have time to spend with family before we embark on our culinary journeys! We will be sure to take some time to explore some wineries, it has become a favourite hobby of ours while on vacation ;)

Eric too has a nice wine and camping trip to the Okanagan planned to explore some wineries! Come over to the store to chat with him about his new discoveries!



This month I’ve found two wines that showcase the range of the Semillon grape.  Coming from Bordeaux, Semillon is known for fruity notes of citrus and pear and floral notes of chamomile.  Additionally, it can offer some complex flavours like ginger, honey, and even a waxy, lanolin (sheep’s wool) presence.  For these characteristics it often used in blends to add depth and aging longevity to what would otherwise be simple white wines.


Les Amis Bordeaux Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon

We’re starting off with a classic example of a Bordeaux grown white blend at 70% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Semillon.   Fermentation occurred in concrete tanks, which preserves crisp, fruity flavours.  Sauvignon Blanc sets this wine up as light bodied and fresh, with pleasant notes of grapefruit and slate, while the Semillon presence amplifies floral notes and adds just a hint of honey on the finish. Sauvignon Blanc is an immensely popular grape and there is no shortage of it on the market, but this wine is an excellent example of how an addition of Semillon can slightly shift the flavour profile from grassy to floral and add some complexity that makes it stand out as unique.




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Chateau de la Grave ‘Grains Fin’

Semillon / Colombard

The whole of the Bordeaux wine region lies along the Gironde estuary, and its rivers, the Dordogne and Garonne.  Just north of where these two rivers meet, lies the Cotes de Bourg.  While not as renowned as the nearby areas of Saint-Emillion or Pomerol, there are high quality wines being produced at excellent value.  One such example is this ‘Grains Fin’ from Chateau de la Grave.  Comprised of 60% Semillon and 40% Colombard, a grape more commonly grown for Armagnac production, this wine is wonderfully complex and balanced.  Colombard’s high acidity keeps the stone fruit flavours of this wine lively and present up front, while its fermentation in oak yields a beautiful full body and long creamy finish with vanilla spice notes, and a prominent honey presence.




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Sidewood Estate

Pinot Noir

I will confess that in the past I have found Pinot Noir from Australia and New Zealand to be a little too juicy for me, where I generally prefer the earthy notes of Burgundy and Willamette Valley.  What a pleasant surprise it was when tasting this to find those mushroom, forest floor notes within this Aussie Pinot.  This wine is still headed by a tart fruit profile of strawberry, cranberry, and red currant, but as it evolves those earthy elements come through along with a slight herbal note.  While my love for Pinot is still firmly planted in Oregon, this wine would be a fun one to have occasionally for something just a little different.




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Cuatro Rayas


Certified organic and vegan this little Tempranillo, check a lot of boxes. I love the label design paying tribute to the biodiversity and pollinators of the vineyard. It is a smooth and velvety Tempranillo with minimal oak aging. It has plum and dark berries flavours and aromas with hint of chocolate and long finish. It is an easy organic wine for your burger nights.




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A classic Portuguese  blend of Tinta Roriz, Touriga National and Touriga Franca.

What are these varietals will you ask me? Tinta Roriz is simply Portuguese for Tempranillo while Touriga National could be a cousin of Cabernet Sauvignon and Touriga Franca of the Cabernet Franc. Therefore, a blend to please all palates. It has intense aromas of young fresh fruits like cherry and black berry with some spicy notes and an oaky finish. It is well structured with firm tannins and balance complexity

An other great pairing for a summer BBQ.




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Cline Vineyards

Ancient Vines Carignan

Back in January Anthony and I had the chance to spend some time in California. We, of course, took the opportunity to visit some wineries. Quite famous for their Zinfandel and Viognier, I was quite excited to sample a few other “unusual” varietals. Carignan is a French varietal from southern France. In France we seldomly find it as a single varietal, it is most likely to be blended with Syrah, Mourvedre and or Grenache. I was really looking forward to experience it on its own and appreciate its specific character. It has a mid to full body and structured tannins

It showcase bright red fruit flavours and aromas such as cranberries and raspberries with some baking spices and a savoury cured meat finish. I would be tempted to pair it with middle eastern cuisine which used spices such as anise, cinnamon, all spices evoked by the wine. Let me know what you think!




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