April's Wine Selection

Yes! It is finally spring! And we might be able to enjoy summer activities soon with the little snow remaining! I must admit, I am particularly excited about the end of the ski season this year; it means Anthony is coming back home! He enjoyed Heli-Skiing very much this winter but I am happy to have him back soon!

I have put together a nice selection of wines for you to enjoy with the nice sun of Spring;) Cheers!

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Verona 2018

From Verona region L’Appassione is made of a blend of indigenous varietals Corvina & Corvinone (think Valpolicella) with a little bit of Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is fermented on lees and goes trough a malolactic fermentation. It makes a very approachable well rounded Italian wine. It is a medium body wine with dark fruits flavors and soft tannins. It screams burger night! And the best part is its price point; excellent value at $16!



Chateau Les Bertrands

Bordeaux Clairet Rose 2020

Don’t get fooled by the deep color of this rose. No, it is not sweet! I am witnessing new trend I am excited about: More people (or wine influencers at least) are branching out of the “Provence Rose” and trying other types of roses! Don’t get me wrong, Provence style is delicious BUT there is soooo much more to discover and appreciate! Think of rose as you think of red or white wine. There is such a huge and fascinating range of whites, from sweet Riesling to crisp Sauvignon Blanc and big and buttery Chardonnay. On the red side, we have light Pinot Noir, round Merlot and big bold Zinfandels. Well Roses as well have a wide range of styles! Clairet is an other famous, although scarcely imported in Alberta, wine region near Bordeaux creating beautiful roses made of Bordeaux varietals (mainly Cabernet and Merlot). It has a darker color has a bit more body and has more red fruits notes rather then the floral notes of Provence rose. Again, I must repeat to break the pre conceived ideas: it is not sweet (it is not the White Zinfandel you are thinking about!) It is light and refreshing and can withstand bigger meals such as a summer BBQ! Trust me and try it out!



Louis Cheze

Syrahvissante 2020

Nice play on words. Syrahvissante is prounounced as “Si Ravissante” which means so delightful or so pretty. It is a very good name for it as it is indeed a very pretty Syrah. It has a medium body, silky tannins, and is delicate with violet and blackberry fruit flavors. I fell in love with the Syrahvissante and it’s “big brother” from the same winery, a gorgeous Syrah from St-Joseph Northern Rhone which we might see in next month selection;)



Humo Blanco

Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Humo Blanco is from Lolol Valley in Chile. It is close to the Pacific ocean which create a morning fog in the vineyard. This is where the name of the wine came from Humo = fog/mist. You can see it pictured on the label. The fog helps to cool the temperatures which gives a nice acidity to the wine. I am quite impressed with this vineyard. Everything screams quality; the wine, the packaging the care of the vineyard (it is a organic, Demeter wine). Classic Sauvignon Blanc, refreshing with citrus & green apple notes and a crisp acidity.



Donna Matilde

Branco Douro 2019

Nice Portuguese white made of indigenous grapes : Arinto, Viosinho, Gouveio and Rabigato. Donna Matilde is located along the Douro River on a hilly terrain, it is owned by the Barros family (famous in the port industry). It is luscious with a silky texture. It has tropical notes with mango, passion fruit and pineapple flavors. An easy drinking white with great complexity and layers on the palate.



Two Hands Gnarly Dudes

Shiraz Barossa Valley 2020

I am getting out of my zone of comfort these days with our little treats being big bold new world wine! Two hands winery is born out of a conversation of two friends at a party. They wanted to create a line of small batch wines that truly showcase Australian terroir. There is no mixing grapes from all over Australia here. Each wine is from a carefully selected parcel of land and craftily made. Gnarly Head is from Barossa valley and made of 40 years old vines. These old vines have a low yield, producing complex and intense flavors. Full Body, structured tannins with plum, smoke, chocolate and vanilla flavors. Enjoyed with grilled meats.



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