June's Selection



What fantastic weather did we have over the las few days! Wow! I am thirsty!! Summer is here and it warms my heart to know we may be able to gather with love ones soon! It will be time for some serious celebrations this summer!

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Val & Anthony

Raymond Family Classic

Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

My little tour of the world in 6 bottles got stock in the same winery this month. I could not choose which one of the Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay to feature… so I went for both! I was just impressed with the value of these wines, they are true representations of the Californian wines. The Family Classic line up is their entry level wines, the grapes may come from a variety of terroir within California. As a typical Californian Cabernet Sauvignon it has a full body, structured tannins, deep ruby color, and dark berry, vanilla and baking spices aromas and flavors.



Raymond Family Classic

Chardonnay 2019

Raymond’s Family is into its 5th generation of winemakers. They have married into the Beringer Family and entwined with Burgundy’s esteemed Jean-Charles Boisset Collection. The Family Classic Chardonnay has a medium body, long finish and exhumes aromas of pears, honey and vanilla. At $24 it is a great value California Chardonnay.



The Flower and Bee’s

Treixadura 2018

I love the wine industry because I keep learning every day. I sampled a lot of wines over the years (and I mean A LOT!). Yet, there is still varietals I am discovering. Treixadura is one of them. Treixadura is an indigenous varietal from Portugal. It is often used to make portuguese Vinho Verde. It is also found in Galicia, northern Spain, as in this case. It is normally added to blends to bring body and a light lemony taste to the wines. On its pure form, it is light but unctuous with lemon and white flowers aromas and flavors. The Flowers and Bee’s pays tribute to the “flowers and bees” as they are the essence of the vineyard with their pollination.




Petite Syrah 2018

The Girard is from Napa in California. Petite Syrah is such an interesting varietal. It is big and bold, almost inky. Definitely not “petite”! I call it a stain your tongue type of wine! Dark and opaque it has a full body, high tannins with plum, blueberry, chocolate and black pepper flavors. If you wonder. yes, it is related to Syrah! It may be where it got its blueberry and chocolate flavors;) In fact, we could almost say Petite Syrah is a Syrah on steroid!



La Xara

Garnacha 2018

I have presented you several Garnacha over the last few months. I must admit I am fascinated with the wide range of flavor profile of Grenache (or Garnacha in Spanish). It can be juicy and fruit forward on its simple form, or big and earthy from old vines. In this case, it is light and elegant. It has low alcohol at 12.5% it has a a light body, with wild strawberry and raspberry flavors and a little tobacco on the finish. La Xara is produced ecologically with wild yeast and minimal intervention. It is a delight! A new favorite of mine.





I will be honest: I bought this one so I could bring wine on my paddle board. Sunny days pair well with a paddle and rose to me! The bottle is not only sleek looking, it is very practical! The thick aluminum keeps the beverage cold. The twist cap enables to close it after each sip (while paddling, hiking or biking…) to avoid spilling wine all over or just pack it away after a few sips. And it is so sleek, I have been known to refill the bottle with water to keep hydrated under the sun. Play safe, it is a small bottle but, it is the equivalent of approximately 2 glasses of wine. Oh, and yes, it is not only the packaging: the juice is good too;) Bring the Sunshine!